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Productivity and simplicity in an app that saves you time by bringing your resources into one place.

Make life Easier

There is no shortage of bookmarking apps on the web. So why choose LinkEmu? The answer is Simplicity. LinkEmu strives to be functional, not fancy.

We know you're busy and want to spend your time doing other things. In fact, that's exactly why you're looking for a bookmarking app in the first place. So we've decided to against the grain. Most apps want to keep you on their platforms for as long as possible and they use any number of tactics todo this. So we keep the distracting features to a minimum. LinkEmu doesn't waste your time with unnecessary customizations (multiple background settings, endless tagging structures, infinite nesting folders, etc.). Just simple bookmark management and other tools to keep your connected to your ultimate goals.

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We design our tools for human brains

Why no nesting?

Nesting is the structure your computer uses to store files. Most other bookmarking systems use some variation of the nesting model. Nesting gets ugly quickly. First you place items in a folder and within that folder you create another folder and then (you guessed it!) you create another folder within that folder, ad infintum.

We don't do this for two reasons:

1. There are already a hundred places to do this kind of bookmarking (Google Bookmarks uses this system)

2. It's cumbersome and confusing. Searching through endless folders for your bookmarks is the opposite of efficient. So we don't do it.

So how does LinkEmu do it?

We use a simple two-tier system: "Libraries" and "Categories"

Libraries are places to put your items. These could be categories of bookmarks, podcasts, to-do lists, etc.

Categories are quite simply lists of bookmarks with a url and a name, that's it. Easy to find and easy to remember because our brains have a way of remembering where thing appear on a page as opposed to the name of a folder where you may have placed an item.

Story pane

Visual Placement

The human brain is especially good and placing things in space. If we want to find a passage in a book we intuitively try to find it by recalling the way the passage looked on the page or how the book felt in our hands (i.e. how many pages in), or any number of sensory queues. So why would we design a bookmarking system as if it were built for a robot? That would be a very silly thing to do.

How to use LinkEmu

The most efficient way to use LinkEmu is to open up a tab in your browser and plan on leaving it open for the duration of your session. That way you are never more than two-clicks away from any bookmark you've already saved. If you have to do lists, we've found it very efficient to place all your todos in a single library. that way you have only to click the library and click to check off a task.

Browser Extension

  • Extension Features

  • ● Convenient browser button
  • ● One-click page bookmarking
  • ● Import All Chrome bookmarks
  • ● Easy sign in

Business and Corporate Tiers

Micro Time-Wasters

Tiny interruptions add up, so we made the functionality for businesses sleek and simple. Your employees/users can share library structures with each other as well as have access to the larger company resources. This keeps everyone on the same page and stops the endless emails back and forth that inevitably send teams on the hunt for "the link to that one site where we calculate the TPS reports". You can also build training lists and to-do lists to complete as well as assign managers and invite as many employees/users as your plan allows.

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