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  • How do I create a bookmark?
    All bookmarks reside within a category. First choose the Library and Category where you'd like to keep your bookmark or create new ones. Within the category block click add_circle to add a single bookmark or a collection of bookmarks. Enter the urls to your bookmarks and choose whether or not they will be public and/or shareable. Save the bookmarks. And there it is! beautifully curated bookmarks.
  • What is a Library?

    A "Library" is the topmost container where all resources are stored.

    • Create a Library

    • ● Go to your "My Links" page by clicking link in the upper right of the navigation bar.
    • ● Click "NEW LIBRARY". Enter the name of your new library.
    • ● Choose whether or not this entire library will be shareable and/or public

    Anything you place in this library will also be public and shareable according to the options you select within the library. If the library does not have the 'public' option selected nothing within this particular library will be visible to the public, including the library name itself.

    Hint: It is better to leave the library as both 'public' and 'shareable', which are the defaults.That way you will maintain the flexibility to make the individual resources within the library either shareable or private.

  • How do I delete a bookmark/library/podcast

    You can delete any resource by clicking edit edit then clicking delete. This action cannot be undone.

    • Destroying a Library

    • ● While in the library you wish to delete, click 'Edit Library'
    • ● Click the "Delete" button
    • Destroying a Bookmark Category

    • ● While in the library with the category you wish to delete, click edit within the header of the category you wish to destroy.
    • ● Click the "Delete" button. This will destroy the category and all the bookmarks in it.
    • Destroying a Task List

    • ● While in the library with the task list you wish to delete, click edit within the header of the task list you wish to destroy.
    • ● Click the "Delete" button. This will destroy the entire task list and all the tasks in it.
    • Destroying a Podcast

    • ● While in the library with the podcast you wish to delete, find the podcast you'd like to delete and click delete_forever within the header.

  • How do I create a time-sensitive to-do list?

    Creating a time-sensitive is as easy as adding the date to the item.

    • Create a task list

    • ● Choose the library within which you'd like to add the task list.
    • Click add_circle to add a new resource block and select "add new task list"
    • ● Name the task list, then begin adding items
    • ● Add items by clicking add_circle
    • ● If the task is time sensitive, enter a date and time into the "complete by" fields.
    • ● Save the list

    As the "complete by" date approaches it will begin to flash red

  • How do I move a category to a different library?

    If you would like to move a resource (an entire category) to a different library entirely, click the edit button edit at the left of each category header. Just below the heading "In Library" select which library within which you would like to place the resource. Click "save".

  • What does it mean if my profile is "private"?
    Setting your profile to "private" means that nothing you create in LinkEmu is visible to the public with the exception of your username.
  • How do I share my bookmarks?

    Go to your "My Links" page. At the upper right next to your username click share. Within the share controls you will see all of your resources listed and the structure you have given them. Each resource has a checkbox. Check the ones you would like to share with your fellow user. Under the "Share Your Library" heading you can search for a user. If you cannot find the person you are looking for, he/she is not yet signed or they have their account set to 'private'. But don't worry! If the person you want to send to is not signed up you can invite them to do so by clicking "Can't find user?". Click it and enter the email(s) of the user(s) you'd like to invite. They will be sent an invitation and the resources you'd like to share will be there waiting for them when they sign up.

    Inviting non-LinkEmu users

    If you are on the FREE or PRO plan, you can invite users any time by going to your account page. There you can click on the "Invite Now" button and enter the email of the person you'd like to invite.

    If you are on the BUSINESS or CORPORATE plan, you can invite users in the same way. Additionally you can click on the "Manage Users" option in the dropdown menu at the upper right of the navigation bar and add bulk employees/users by clicking the add_circle at the lower right of the page. They will be sent invitations immediately. After they accept, they will set their username and password and will have access to all the company resources you have made shareable.

  • What's the difference between 'private' and 'shareable'?

    While public makes the resource visible on your profile page, 'shareable' makes the resource available to share between users.

    When you click on the share controls to send your resources to another user, you are only sending the items you have previously marked as shareable.

    This is especially important for BUSINESS and CORPORATE users. You may want to store many kinds of resources, including those you do not want other users/employees to see. By deselecting the share option on a resource it both keeps it our of the company's general resources and ensures that it will not be sent as a shareable item to anyone. The company owner/manager must also be sure the 'public' option is un-check to make sure those resources to not get posted on the company's public profile page.

  • How do i create/listen to a podcast?

    All podcasts reside within a library. To create a podcast choose the library within which you'd like to place it. There you will see add_circle. Click to bring up the menu and click "new podcast". Start typing the name of the podcast and select one from the list that appears. You can also select how many podcasts you'd like to keep in the queue. LinkEmu will automatically update your list according to how many you'd like to keep in your list.

  • How do I delete my account?

    Deleting your account makes Emus everywhere sad, but you can do so easily.

    • Deleting Account

    • ● Go to your account page
    • Click edit in the "Account Information" section.
    • ● Click on "Delete Account"
    • ● Commence Emu sadness.
  • Why is the PRO plan so cheap?

    Our PRO plan is WAY under our competitors. This is because there are a lot of other options out there and we want you to choose us. Emus do not like it when others go elsewhere because of a silly thing like money. So we Emu over here charge the absolute bare minimum for the entry-level service.

    However, in order keep the pricing low we need a lot of users to use the PRO tier. Be sure to tell others about LinkEmu!

  • How do I get the LinkEmu browser extension?
  • I lost my password. What do I do?

    Go to the login page and click "Forgot Password".

    You will be sent an email that will instruct you on how to reset your password.

  • How do I check off items in the to do list?

    Find the library where you have placed your task list and simply click on the checkbox check_box_outline_blank and the item will be marked as completed. It will remain in the list as a checked item check in case you change your mind and want to uncheck it.

  • Why can't I nest libraries?

    Nesting has been done and deemed by us Emus as confusing and silly. Imagine trying to find your red socks within the "colored socks drawer", which is within the "soft socks" drawer, which is in the "All socks" drawer, which is within the bureau marked "Socks and Underpants". Just plain silly. Yet this is exactly how nesting works.

    We use a simple two-tier system: "Libraries" and "Resource Blocks"

    Libraries are places to put your all your resources. These could be categories of bookmarks, podcasts, to-do lists, etc.

    Resource Blocks (category, list, podcast, etc.) are simply sets of curated items. Easy to find and easy to remember because our brains have a way of finding things by the way they appear on a page, not as a name next to a virtual folder.

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