Easy Project Management

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Easy Project Management

Attain Goals Efficiently

In our overall goal to help your team spend less time fiddling with fancy apps and writing endless emails, our project manager is the most efficient and simplest tool you'll come across - and about 30% cheaper.

Clear-cut task management

Tasks are handled in the Task Pane. When a team member finishes a task, he or she simply checks it off. LinkEmu will attribute the task to the user who finished it.

Task pane
Everyone knows what's going on.

Use the Story Pane to narrate the progress as the project nears completion.

After a team member completes a task he or she can explain their work and future ideas in a story entry. Upload images or files to the entry to explain, illustrate, theorize, etc.

Story pane


Nobody likes them, but we all need them.

Making sure everyone knows the important dates is critical to the success of each project. LinkEmu's Target Pane is a list-style calendar that makes it easy for everyone to see the important dates for the project.

Target pane

The Project Builder

Use LinkEmu's powerfully simple Project Builder to build a project in minutes. Create and distribute it to your team or create it in real-time during the initial meeting for the project.

Project builder laptop

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